This website with units of curriculum for the teaching of Architecture of the Regional relates to its partner website that is about the teaching of regional history and art. Both have been developed under grants from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation. They are generally targeted for students from grades 5-16. and can be used in art, history/social studies, english/language arts, science and math classes. Artists and architects use those discipline skills. It can address improved learning in the Arts, improved language literacy , improved learning in history, math, science and technology directly. Nina Freedlander Gibans, a cultural educator who has taught (K-16 in museums and colleges), written books and developed videos related to this region’s art, has managed the project and can be reached at or

Collaborators in this 2005 architectural project include the Cleveland Institute of Art, The American Institute of Architects-Cleveland Chapter, and the Cleveland Restoration Society. Advisors include artists, architects, restoration specialists and teachers from area school systems.

The professional advisors include: Dale Hilton, Associate Director, Distance Learning, Department of Education and Special Programs, Cleveland Museum of Art, Robert P. Madison, FAIA, senior architect whose contribution to the field includes his work with minority students; Anthony Hiti, AIA, who has edited the material on Cleveland’s architecture and heads the AIA’s Historic Resources committe; Gail Felix, Art Teacher, Iowa Maple Elmentary School, Cleveland Public Schools, who participated in the artandhistory website development and created a model for other teachers and schools. Karen Disch and Robert Sedlak, Math Faculty, Lakewood High School; Mark Tebeau, Assistant Professor, History Department, Cleveland State University, collaborator on the development of the artandhistory website, Donna Collins, Director, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education and Mary Campbell-Zopf, Arts-in-Education, Ohio Arts Council. Both have classroom experience and have crafted the documents on state standards with persons from the Ohio State Department of Education. The resource for the Architectural History section was Theodore A. Sande AIA, Architect.

The Cleveland Artists Foundation, a non-profit organization that celebrates, preserves, and documents the history and legacy of Cleveland's regional art is maintaining the website.